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Arrange B. Associated Drug Monograph: Plan B

My ex-boyfriend arrived inside of me personally once I told him not to ever. He stated not to ever worry i could just take plan b about it that. I became freaking down and took the medicine not 6 hours later on. I wound up getting pregnant. Therefore simply be extremely careful and never use plan b as a justification for non-safe sex. We heard that the effectiveness rate is just about 75%. Women be sure to care for yourselves, do not let a man do this to you personally!

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We utilized Oral Plan b following a condom break with my partner. The medicine ended up being user friendly and was helpful, since I have would not get pregnant. Although i will be extremely pleased with it’s effectiveness the medial side impacts had been a huge issue for me personally. We experienced sickness, and headaches. The pills additionally changed my menstrual period and I also spotted for all times after my cycle had been done. I will be additionally having troubles with reduced pain that is abdominal and contains been very nearly per month since I have actually have taken the product.

I am 21 years old and my boyfriend and I also had an event in which the condom slipped off inside me personally soon after we had intercourse. We had ovulated each and every day or more ago, therefore naturally I happened to be concerned and thought i ought to get Arrange B. We stressed myself down a lot reading these reviews to such an extent that We waited twenty four hours prior to taking it because I became paranoid about side-effects. I published this review because We took Arrange B, had some extremely cramping that is mild a time or two, no spotting, and my duration arrived as scheduled. Lots of people just write reviews once they have actually bad experiences, and so I do not want any one else to get as freaked out as they were being read by me. It struggled to obtain me personally therefore the side effects had been practically obscure. Continue Reading…

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