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Maybe more actions or active moments during your day correlate with better rest quality or volume through the night.

Yesterday we went to a presentation by Melissa Nysewander , of Fidelity Investments, en titled “Applied Data Science: a Case Study in Workforce Analytics,” when it comes to analysis Triangle Analysts networking team. It had been a great summary of a data technology task from beginning to end, showcasing the soft and difficult abilities necessary for this type of task and showcasing the part of information scientist in HR.

I became inquisitive whether my daytime task had any influence on my rest. Possibly more steps or active mins during your day correlate with better sleep quality or volume through the night. I made the decision to look at these correlations in SAS. Then again we understood that the FitBit determines rest at the start of a single day and never at the conclusion, for instance beginning at 11 pm from the night that is previous 7 am that morning. Therefore to be able to set the activity that occurred prior to sleep because of the subsequent rest, I experienced to determine correlations between Day 1 activity and Day 2 sleep. I decided to deal with this in succeed by shifting my sleep data values up by 1 line and importing the modified information into SAS.

We looked over correlations and did not test for effect and cause. But if i wish to explore the chance of cause and impact i need to set the factors in this manner to obtain the chronology right. I’d get information about the possible effect of sleep quality and quantity on activity, rather than the other way around if I paired Day 1 activity with Day 1 sleep. So, following the adjustments, the N for my sleep information had been 30 in place of 31. Continue Reading…

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