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Ahead of the Fall: Classes in Pride. Some individuals never venture beyond the four imaginary walls of these safe place.

In school, my teachers liked to illustrate everything sunday. Any major concept that is biblical be explained with a felt board and Velcro paper.

I clearly keep in mind the way they portrayed a person that is prideful. It absolutely was often a male together with arms folded and his nose that is big lifted the atmosphere. He thought he had been much better than everyone else. Their attitude that is lofty would precede “a fall” as babylon escort Las Vegas quoted in Proverbs 16:18. We ended up beingn’t yes just what the autumn intended, but I guessed it included some type or form of humiliation.

A person. Folded hands. Big nose. Through the many years of 7 to someplace in my 20s, that has been my concept of pride. Nonetheless, the older we have, we understand that a details that are few lost in interpretation.

Whenever you lookup pride within the dictionary, its definitions differ and nearly contradict each other.

I’m perhaps not speaking about taking pride in your projects or perhaps in the way you look, and I also don’t understand much about lions and dancers. The sort of pride that I’m thinking about may be the destructive type — the type which takes Christians to places spiritually and emotionally which they should not get.

A lot better than describing just what pride is, let me make it clear just what pride does. Pride is sneaky, because many of us don’t know very well what it seems like for action. It offers numerous kinds.

Pride makes you stubborn even if you understand you’re wrong. A prideful character rears its unsightly head most frequently whenever in conflict with other people. Continue Reading…

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