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1 / The highest quality, comfort,
and security

Only minor surgeries – i.e. eyelid correction, mid-facelift, and labia corrections – can be done under local anaesthesia in our clinic at the Jan van Goyenkade. Major surgeries – tummy tucks, breast enlargements, and liposuction – demand general anaesthesia. These surgeries take place in Class 1 surgery suites, where the highest degree of sterilisation and air conditioning guarantees our clients optimal security and comfort.

2 / The APS anaesthesiology team

APS works with a permanent, small anaesthesiology team consisting of two senior anaesthesiologists and two very experienced anesthesiology nurses, who are perfectly attuned to each other. Our team is completely current on the latest education and has vast experience with all new protocols and techniques.

3 / Preparing for your surgery

If you are to have your surgery under general anaesthesia, you will need to fill out an extensive questionnaire about your health. The anesthesiologist will judge your answers and, if necessary, will make an appointment for a pre-operative consultation to better assess your health and condition. This way, you can be sure that you will undergo the anesthesiology and operation in optimal physical condition.

4 / During your surgery

The general anaesthetic will be administered through an IV in your hand or arm. APS uses the most modern (expensive) medications, so you will be sound asleep during your surgery but will wake up quickly afterwards.

During your surgery, you will be closely watched by our specialised anaesthesia team: your airways, breathing, blood pressure, heart function and level of consciousness are guarded and, on occasion, adjusted, and they will take care that you are constantly comfortable and safe.

5 / Risks

Despite all precautions, the best equipment and treatment according to the newest protocols, general anaesthesia has a few possible side effects and risks. However, these risks are mainly pertaining to the sick and the elderly. This means that these risks are considerably lower for APS patients. The anaesthesiology team is watchful for typical side effects like nausea and pain and will do everything possible to keep them to a minimum.

Our clients say

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"The clinic is beautiful clean and inviting. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind they guided me through the procedure and they made sure I was comfortable the treatment wasn’t painful."

Merel Zwart

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