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Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

Our image of the perfect body is constantly changing. In the 1980s, an androgynous, super-slim body was the trend, in recent years Brazilian buttocks have become increasingly popular worldwide. In the Netherlands, too, more and more women ask their plastic surgeons for full, round, symmetrical buttocks that make their waist look slimmer. With the Brazilian butt lift procedure, the size and shape of the buttocks are improved naturally, without implants, large scars and associated risks. Liposuction removes and cleanses excess fat from your abdomen, hips, lower back or thighs, after which the living fat cells are injected into the buttocks. A BBL consists of two procedures: your figure is beautified by removing excess fat and the shape and size of your buttocks are improved.


The Brazilian butt lift has several advantages:

  • An improvement in your silhouette

  • An improvement in the proportions of your body

  • Gives your buttocks a smoother and tighter appearance

  • Improves the appearance of cellulite

  • Make your waist look proportionately slimmer

  • The results are permanent (after the recovery period of 3-6 months and with constant body weight)

Facts about the Brazilian butt lift

On average, 800 ml. of fat is needed to enhance both buttocks. Because only 50% of the removed fat is suitable for transplantation, 1,500 ml. fat is removed. In general, 60-80% of the cleaned fat is permanently absorbed by the body, the remaining fat is broken down by the body in the months after the procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to transplant a little more fat than is ultimately desired.

It all starts with a consultation

No two women's bodies are the same. The cosmetic wishes and expectations of women are also unique. To ensure that you are satisfied with the end result, Dr Pirayesh develops a tailor-made surgical approach for each patient. During the consultation, he takes plenty of time to get to know you, discuss your wishes, and help you make a well-considered decision.

He will go through your medical history with you, discuss your current and possibly desired weight, and examine your buttocks, skin and areas with excess fat that are suitable for liposuction. He will discuss the desired size and position of your buttocks, the aftercare and the expected results with you. He will give you instructions on how to prepare for the operation and inform you about the costs.

We advise you to take your time after this consultation to consider whether you opt for an operation. We will never put you under pressure, we think it is important that you make a decision that you fully support both now and in the future.

Brazilian butt lift overview and timeline

Duration of the operation: 2 to 5 hours
Anaesthesia: light, general anaesthetic, administered by a specialist anaesthetist.
Length of stay: outpatient, you can go home about 4 hours after the operation. You need to arrange transportation because you cannot drive yourself home. You must be transported on your stomach in the back seat of a car.
Post-operation: slight swelling and tenderness. We will give you compression pants that you have to wear for six weeks, painkillers and instructions on wound care
Complications: very rare: fluid retention, infections, restless scar
Recovery time: You will need help with household chores for the first two weeks. You should sleep on your stomach or side for a while. For the first two weeks, you must only sit when on the toilet or during mealtime. The swelling may spread to your abdomen and thighs, this is normal and abate over time. After two weeks, you will need to sit on a ‘doughnut cushion’ to avoid pressure on the surgical area. You should not do any heavy housework or do any lifting for four to six weeks after the operation.
Results: for a while, your buttocks will look bigger than the desired end result: you will still experience swelling and not all the transplanted fat will survive in your body. Your body will break down the excess fat. After your recovery period, the result of your Brazilian Butt Lift is permanent. A lifestyle with a healthy diet, no smoking and sufficient exercise will keep your new buttocks beautiful for a long time.
Scarring: The stitches will be removed by the surgeon within a week and after a few months your scars will have faded. Dr Pirayesh uses the program he developed, APS Scar Care, to ensure the most beautiful scar possible, with the application of Aloe Vera-based cream, laser treatments and, if necessary, injections.

Brazilian butt lift surgery in five steps

On the day of your surgery, Dr Pirayesh will mark locations where fat will be harvested, and on your buttocks where fat will be injected. In addition, photos are taken for your medical file.

Step 1. Anaesthesia

A specialist anaesthetist will inject a light general anaesthetic into a vein through a cannula (a thin, plastic tube) in your arm or hand. The anaes-thetist and his team will monitor you closely throughout the operation, ensuring you are comfortable and safe. The anaesthetist will discuss the anaesthesia before your surgery and answer any questions.

Step 2. Incision
  • Dr Pirayesh will make a number of very small incisions in your abdomen, thighs and lower back (locations where the fat will be harvest-ed), and your buttocks (locations where the fat will be transplanted).

  • He will inject anaesthetic fluid and medication which narrows the blood vessels.

  • Depending on the chosen technique, instruments and devices are used to loosen the fat that is located between your skin and muscle and drain it with tiny cannulas.

  • Once the fat cells are detached, they are suctioned out, using the PAL device (power-assisted liposuction) through a cannula or a narrow, narrow and long tube.

  • After the fat has been cleaned, it is injected into the desired locations with syringes; this is meticulous work for which Dr Pirayesh takes his time

  • Ultrasound assessment is used on indication to assess the subcutaneous tissue and muscle location for safe and effective buttock enhancement according to state of the art protocols

  • During the treatment, Dr Pirayesh constantly checks whether the desired shape has been achieved, whether the proportions are correct and whether the result is symmetrical. Only a very experienced plastic surgeon masters the artistic skill for a truly beautiful result. 

Step 3. Connecting the treated areas

The small incisions are sutured and the treated body parts are bandaged with special bandages and compression bandages to prevent swelling.

Step 4. Recovery and aftercare

Under the supervision and care of Dr Pirayesh and his team, you will stay in our clinic for a few hours until you can go home. We make sure you are comfortable. However, you must be picked up by someone so that you can return home safely and recover. You must lie on your stomach in the back seat of the car and be transported home. You will see a change in your body almost immediately, but this will remain hidden for a while under a special compression garment. Dr Pirayesh will give you concrete, written instructions on how to care for the treated area in the weeks following surgery.

  • In general, a Brazilian Butt Lift is not painful; patients recover within a few weeks and experience very few side effects.

  • You may have mild pain for about four days, which is controlled with the proper use of painkillers.

  • The swelling may spread to the abdomen and thighs, this is normal and will go away on its own over time.

  • For the first two weeks, you must only sit when on the toilet or during mealtime. After that, you must only sit on a doughnut cushion to avoid pressure on the surgical area.

  • You must not do any heavy housework or lifting for four to six weeks after the operation.

  • During the recovery period, you must avoid the sunbed or sauna, and you must not drink alcohol or take blood thinners like aspirin (paracetamol is allowed).

Step 5. Wound healing and aftercare

Dr Pirayesh is very savvy when it comes to promoting rapid healing. He has developed a customised regimen, APS Scar Care, including creams based on aloe vera, laser treatments, and (if necessary) injections to ensure that your scars heal in the best possible way.
This regimen has ensured that many of Dr Pirayesh’s patients have hardly noticeable scars. However, it is impossible to pre-determine if patients will have problems with their scars healing.

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