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Why choose APS?

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1 / Team

Dr Pirayesh likes to work with the very best, and he has therefore chosen his surgical team with great care: they all have extensive experience and an excellent track record. Furthermore, discretion is obviously of paramount importance. You can be confident that this stellar team will provide you with the best care during your treatments.

2 / Happy in your body

At APS, our goal is to make you feel happy in your body. We want you to feel comfortable and safe during your treatment. We plan your operation very carefully, and Dr Pirayesh and his team will answer any questions you may have and eliminate any concerns before and after your procedure. After the operation, we will ensure you get all the support you need for a speedy recovery and a beautiful, natural result.

3 / A sense of security

It is understandable if you are a little apprehensive about your treatment because even if it is your choice, it is still an operation and no mean feat. It's good to know that you are in good hands with Dr Pirayesh: he is very experienced in almost all commonly occurring operations and aesthetic treatments.

4 / More time - Better results

Dr Pirayesh does not believe in rushing things; he takes time for every operation. He sets to work very carefully in his striving for perfection: minimal, good-looking scars, a quick recovery, and the slightest possible chance of complications. This approach will benefit the result of your treatment. After the operations, we will explain what you need to do to accelerate the healing process and minimise the risk of complications.

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