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Labia correction

When the inner labia protrude beyond the outer labia, they tend to curl inwards, which leads to physical discomfort during sex, cycling, and horse riding. Over 60% of patients who opt for a labiaplasty do so for (among other things) practical reasons. Another group of women wants labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons.


Labia reduction is a relatively simple procedure under local anaesthesia, with minimal inconvenience for the patient. The excess skin is removed, and the labia are attached with tiny and soluble sutures. Someone with skill and precision must carry out this procedure because the scar must be precisely placed to prevent irritation and discomfort.

It all starts with a consultation

No two bodies are the same. The cosmetic needs and expectations of patients are unique. To ensure that you are happy with the result of your treatment, Dr Pirayesh develops a customised surgical plan for each patient. During the consultation, he will take the time to get to know you, discuss your requirements and help you make an informed decision.

He will ask about your general health and medical history and examine you. He will ask you to point out what you want to improve, after which he will indicate whether your wishes are realistic. He will explain the surgery to you, answer any questions, give instructions on preparing for the operation, and inform you about the cost. 

Labia correction overview and timeline

Duration of surgery: 45 minutes – 1 hour
Anaesthesia: calming medication, followed by numbing cream and local anaesthetic.
Length of stay: just over 1 hour; you must be picked up or take a taxi home as you cannot drive yourself.
Post-surgery: the tiny sutures will dissolve in due course; only the tiny knot at the end of the suture will need to be removed by Dr Pirayesh. We will provide you with instructions on pain medication and wound care.
Complications, very rare: fluid retention, infections, scarring.
Recovery period: you will experience some swelling end must refrain from wearing tight pants for the first two weeks. You can usually return to work after one week. After four to six weeks, you can resume cycling, sports, sexual contact, swimming and saunas.
Result: the final results of your labia correction are visible after six weeks.

Step 1. Local Anaesthesia

On the day of your operation, a female assistant will apply anaesthetic ointment to your labia before disinfecting the area. Before the operation, anaesthetic fluid will be injected so that you will not feel any pain.

Step 2. The incision

Dr Pirayesh makes the incisions and removes the excess skin. Leaking blood vessels are thermally sealed. The incisions are closed with tiny sutures under and over the skin. These will dissolve in due course.

Step 3. Recovery and aftercare

Under the supervision of Dr Pirayesh and his team, you will comfortably stay in our clinic for an hour until you can go home. We will give you a drink and something small to eat

After the operation, we will provide you with pre-cooled sanitary pads from us to prevent swelling and discolouration

You need to be picked up or take a taxi home; you are not allowed to drive yourself

Step 4. Wound healing and scarring

Immediately after the operation, we will start cooling the wounds. When home, you must continue this for the first four days, cooling for 5-10 minutes every hour. It is helpful to lightly moisten sanitary towels and store them in the freezer, so you can regularly apply a 'cold pack'. To prevent the dressing from sticking to your wounds, you can put Vaseline or Nivea on it. Always put a piece of gauze between the cold dressing and your skin.


On the day after the operation, you may rinse the wounds with lukewarm water as often as you want; this will be easier in the shower with a soft jet. After visiting the toilet, it is advisable to rinse with water. Alternatively, you could consider urinating in a bowl of tepid water.

Labia correction surgery in four steps

On the day of the operation, Dr Pirayesh will mark the labia with sterile ink to determine how much excess skin he needs to remove. We will give you medication to make you feel calm. After half an hour, we will accompany you to the treatment room. To make the treatment as pleasant as possible for you, a woman will always be present in the treatment room, in addition to Dr Pirayesh.

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