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Safety is our primary concern. That is why you must be in good health before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. During the first consultation, it is essential that you provide us with your medical records and tell us which medicines and supplements you use. In addition, you must follow the following guidelines:

01/ Stop smoking

Smoking negatively affects the healing process, causes constrictions of your blood vessels, and restricts oxygen from permeating your tissues. This increases the risk of complications such as skin necrosis, which means cells are dying. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that you abstain from smoking for at least two weeks before surgery and during your recovery until your surgeon permits you to smoke again. If this is a problem, you can discuss your options with Dr Pirayesh.

02/ Do not use blood-thinning medications

You should avoid medicines before surgery, such as vitamin E, aspirin, APC, or related drugs. These agents may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.

03/ Abstain from drinking alcohol

For your recovery and the healing of your wounds, it is essential to abstain from drinking alcohol for two days before and two days after your surgery.

04/ Exercise

Begin with a moderate program as soon as your surgery is planned. This could help, especially if you are overweight. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than a good walk a few times a day.

05/ Plan your meals

Plan your meals before and after surgery. In case of major surgery, it is advisable to stock your refrigerator well so you don’t need to grocery shop after you come home from surgery. It may also be helpful to think about getting some domestic help.

06/ Take Arnica tablets

We recommend that you take Arnica tablets two weeks before surgery. These are readily available at De Tuinen / Holland & Barrett’s. Although there is (still) no scientific evidence about its efficacy, many people benefit from Arnica to reduce bruising. Taking a daily multivitamin with zinc is also advisable, which promotes wound healing.

07/ Purchase a compression garment

In certain operations, Dr Pirayesh will order a compression garment for you. You must wear these garments 24 hours a day for four to six weeks after removing the drain (if your surgery requires a drain). This helps reduce swelling.

08/ Have someone drive you home

Whether you are an outpatient (in our clinic) or your operation takes place in our specialist surgery clinic, where you stay overnight, you cannot go home unassisted when you have had a general anaesthetic. You must therefore ensure that someone can bring you home. Sometimes, this also applies to the check-up visits after the operation. Dr Pirayesh will tell you when you can drive again, usually after two weeks.

09/ Use sunscreen SPF 30+

During the recovery period, it is crucial to cover your scars, once they are closed, with sunscreen SPF 30 to promote the healing process. Do not scrub your scars with exfoliating gloves or scrub creams until they are fully healed.

Lymphatic drainage

Dr Pirayesh may advise you to have several lymphatic drainage treatments following your surgery. These are necessary to stimulate the lymphatic vessels disturbed after surgery and accelerate the drainage of accumulated fluid. These treatments are given in our clinic by a massage therapist who specialises in lymphatic drainage treatments.

Should you live further away from our clinic, we can recommend a specialist, or you can find one in your area - the therapist must be experienced in lymphatic drainage after surgery.  We recommend lymphatic drainage massage three times per week for the first two weeks, after which (depending on the amount of fluid accumulation) it can be reduced to twice and then one time per week. Most patients no longer need a lymphatic drainage massage after a month. Dr Pirayesh will indicate when you can stop these appointments. These treatments are not part of your treatment plan; you pay this separately. In some cases, you can get a reimbursement from your health insurer.

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