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Glyaderm skin restoration

Inventor of artificial skin Glyaderm®, Dr Pirayesh developed the first non-commercial artificial skin with his research team: Glyaderm®. He and his team donated the patent for this invention to the non-profit Euro Tissue Bank to benefit burn victims and patients with other serious injuries worldwide. Consequently, Glyaderm® is cheaper than traditional alternatives, much more elastic, and relatively easy to produce.During classic skin transplantations, the top layer of the healthy skin and a little bit of the subjacent skin is removed. Only a tiny amount of the subjacent skin can be used because the patients’ donor site needs that layer to grow new skin.

Glyaderm® uses human donor skin and rinses out the cells: it preserves the natural structure of collagen and elastin fibres in the matrix, but since the antigenic material is removed, the skin graft cannot be rejected by the body. With Glyaderm®, the whole subjacent skin layer is transplanted so the patient's cells can grow back into the transplanted area. The functional and cosmetic results are almost identical to the patient’s skin but have much-improved scar quality. Glyaderm® can restore the natural, three-dimensional structure of collagen and elastin.

Glyaderm® can be used to reconstruct the dermis and unstable scars, deep burns, and reconstructive surgery. Glyaderm® can be easily stored and preserved in 85% glycerol, which has been scientifically proven to inactivate microorganisms and viruses.


Dr Pirayesh is connected to the Burns Unit and the Plastic Surgery Department of the University Hospital of Ghent, where he continues investigating plastic surgery, burns, and tissue engineering with prof. Dr. Stan Monstrey and Dr. Henk Hoeksema.

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