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Ali Pirayesh, MD PhD

Founder of Amsterdam Plastic Surgery

Ali Pirayesh, MD PhD is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and owner of Amsterdam Plastic Surgery (APS) and Zurich Plastic Surgery.

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Eva Velders

Clinic Director

Eva Velders is the Clinic Director of Amsterdam Plastic Surgery.
Eva has a strong background in HR and has been instrumental in change management of companies in her early career.
She has a keen interest in marketing catered toward client orientation approach for most discerning customers as well as quality management.
Eva has successfully implemented ISO certification within APS and audits are easily passed each year due to her commitment to quality, safety and improvement of client experience.
She is a fun loving teamplayer and enjoys combining her busy work with the love and care for her daughter.
Eva continues to develop international business within Dermisplast Switzerland and will employ her expertise at the master course in business of aesthetics envisioned to start in London early 2025.

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