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Ali Pirayesh, MD PhD

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Ali Pirayesh, MD PhD is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and owner of Amsterdam Plastic Surgery (APS), a modern private clinic and outpatient surgery facility centrally located in Amsterdam. Dr Ali Pirayesh is well-versed in all aspects of aesthetic surgery of the face and body. He is an authority on the application of medical lasers, Botox, and fillers often used to enhance the effect of surgery. He is very experienced in treating patients suffering from complications from cosmetic surgery or permanent fillers.

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"I believe that a plastic surgeon earns his reputation not only by the patients on whom he operates but also by the patients he refuses.”



Medical degree with honours from Leiden University


General surgery degree from the Royal College of Surgeons, London


Commenced his doctoral research of artificial skin Glyaderm® at the department of plastic surgery at the Ghent University Hospital burns unit


Published scientific articles about innovative facelift techniques (MACS Lift Book)


First application of Glyaderm® on a patient. Donated the patent of his invention to
​​the nonprofit organisation Euro Skin Bank


Graduates as Plastic Surgeon, University Hospital Ghent


Performs aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery in both Brazil and England


Establishes his private clinic for plastic surgery: Amsterdam Plastic Surgery


Humanitarian trip to Colombia for Physicians for Peace to reconstruct the
​​faces of victims of burns, trauma, and acid attacks, and to teach Colombian
​​colleagues on the application of Glyaderm®


Publication of the long-term results of Glyaderm® on 55 patients in international
​​medical journal Burns


Lecturer at aesthetic conventions in Amsterdam, Monaco, Paris, London, Colombia, St. Petersburg, China, and Harvard


Director of CFA Amsterdam: International Course on Facial Aesthetics &


Board Member, and as of 2017, president of the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC)


President Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC)


Received Associate Professorship at University College London Medical

Education and experience

Dr Pirayesh (1969) graduated with honours from the Medical Faculty of the University of Leiden. He continued his surgical training in England and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. He completed his training as a surgeon at the famous Plastic Surgery Department of the University of Ghent in Belgium. He studied for 18 years and has over ten years of experience as a plastic surgeon.


Dr Pirayesh is a board member of the Dutch Society of Plastic Surgery (NVPC), the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC), and the representative for The Netherlands of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Inventor of Artificial Skin - Glyaderm®

He developed the first non-commercial artificial skin with his research team: Glyaderm®. He and his team donated the patent for this invention to the non-profit Euro Tissue Bank to benefit burn victims and patients with other serious injuries worldwide. He is a clinical advisor of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit of the University Hospital of Ghent, where he continues investigating plastic surgery, burns, and tissue engineering.

Expert in wound healing

When it comes to the skin's structure and healing, Dr Pirayesh is an expert. He has developed the APS Scar Care program, which promotes scar healing and uses aloe vera-based creams, laser treatments, and — if necessary — injections.

Surgical specialities

Dr Pirayesh is well-versed in all aspects of aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. He is an authority on the application of medical lasers and injectables (Botox and fillers), often used to enhance the aesthetic effect of surgery. He is also very experienced in treating patients suffering from complications from cosmetic surgery or permanent fillers. In addition to aesthetic surgery, he spends considerable time treating severe burns victims and performing breast (cancer) reconstructions. Dr Pirayesh believes that plastic surgeons serve their patient's best interests by being honest about the expected surgery results and refusing an intervention if he thinks it is not in the patient's welfare.

Internationally active

Dr Pirayesh has had the honour of being invited as a reconstructive surgery expert for several humanitarian missions, including Kashmir (2005), the jungles of Brazil (2007), and Colombia (2013 and 2014) for Physicians for Peace. He reconstructed the faces of victims of burns, trauma, and acid attacks and taught Colombian colleagues the application of Glyaderm®. He has worked all over the world to increase his knowledge and proficiency in aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery. Dr Pirayesh has positions in prestigious plastic surgery seminars in the United States, Brazil, Belgium, and England. Since 2008 he has worked in various hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands. He was instrumental in creating the first skin bank in Colombia, where the artificial skin he and his team developed is now manufactured.

Teacher and speaker

Ali Pirayesh, MD PhD teaches aesthetic and plastic surgery, medical lasers, injectables, and facial anatomy and is regularly invited to give lectures and workshops worldwide to colleagues and other doctors. He organises the CFA Course (Clinical Facial Aesthetics) twice a year. At this international course, doctors from all over the world come to learn innovative and safe technologies in the field of aesthetic treatments. He spends a lot of time and energy keeping abreast of global developments in plastic surgery, both in the aesthetic and the technological field.

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