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Lymphatic drainage

Dr Pirayesh may advise you to have several lymphatic drainage treatments following your surgery. These are necessary to stimulate the lymphatic vessels disturbed after surgery and accelerate the drainage of accumulated fluid. These treatments are given in our clinic by a massage therapist who specialises in lymphatic drainage treatments.

Should you live further away from our clinic, we can recommend a specialist, or you can find one in your area - the therapist must be experienced in lymphatic drainage after surgery.  We recommend lymphatic drainage massage three times per week for the first two weeks, after which (depending on the amount of fluid accumulation) it can be reduced to twice and then one time per week. Most patients no longer need a lymphatic drainage massage after a month. Dr Pirayesh will indicate when you can stop these appointments. These treatments are not part of your treatment plan; you pay this separately. In some cases, you can get a reimbursement from your health insurer.

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