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Revision facelift

Prof. Pirayesh is regularly asked to carry out revision operations following plastic surgeries that have been carried out elsewhere. Common problems include ears that are pulled down, hairlines that show visible scars of previous facelifts, the ‘windswept effect’ (where a facelift left the facial skin too taut), poor distribution of volume or too much volume in the cheeks, and the loss of fat which will give the face a hollow look. Often these problems are corrected by lifting the middle part of the face and repairing the deep layers of SMAS tissue. In addition, the hairline is corrected, the earlobes are restored, and facial volume is restored. A revision facelift is much more complex than an initial facelift and requires a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon.


“The secret is to achieve the most natural result possible, with minimal means.”

The latest techniques

Prof. Pirayesh has received the best training the world has to offer and gained worldwide experience. He is a pioneer of the most advanced facelift techniques and has extensively published lectures at seminars for plastic surgeons worldwide.  At the ISAPS conference in Rio de Janeiro in September 2014, he presented his innovative facelift techniques on 103 patients who suffered side effects from using permanent fillers.

The difference between an adequate and a fantastic facelift lies in the care prof. Pirayesh will take to examine your face's features separately and as a whole in great detail. This allows him to determine which combination of treatments will give the most harmonious result. He does not use single, high-speed therapies, which may yield an unnatural, tight, ’frozen’ face, but will frequently opt for a combination of treatments that work well together, ensuring your face will obtain a natural, relaxed and fresh look. As prof. Pirayesh uses the latest techniques, you are guaranteed an enduring result. He performs additional treatments like stem cell facelifts, laser resurfacing, and fillers, which means he maintains control over the desired result.

It all starts with a consultation

No two faces are the same. The cosmetic needs and expectations of patients are unique. To ensure that you are happy with the result of your treatment, prof. Pirayesh develops a customised surgical plan for each patient. During the consultation, he will take the time to get to know you, discuss your requirements and help you make an informed decision.

He will ask about your general health and medical history, perform a physical examination, and assess the condition of your skin and the underlying tissues. Naturally, prof. Pirayesh will ask you to point out the features you want to improve, after which he will indicate whether your wishes are realistic and surgically possible. He will explain which type of facelift is the best option for you and which technique he will use. A clear photograph of yourself at around age 35 is very useful as a reference to the structure of your face. 

Prof. Pirayesh will answer any questions, give instructions on preparing for the operation, and inform you about the cost. 

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