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“The secret

is to achieve the most

natural result possible, with minimal means.”

Prof. Ali Pirayesh, MD PhD is an internationally renowned plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and owner of Amsterdam Plastic Surgery Clinic (NL), Switzerland Plastic Surgery (CH ) and a professor associated at University College London department of Plastic Surgery & Surgical Biotechnology. (Global Top Ten University )


Prof. Pirayesh is skilled in delivering the highest standard of care in all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery, regenerative & aesthetic medicine. He places great emphasis on patient education and personalized, compassionate care. Prof. Pirayesh realises that there are numerous health and safety concerns that may need to be taken into account with each individual, and makes it a point to put his patients’ health and safety first. Taking time to listen to patients and giving undivided attention are hallmarks of Prof. Pirayesh's practice philosophy and contribute to his exceptional, natural results.


With over 20 years experience in plastic surgery Prof. Pirayesh will give you his honest opinion to ensure that you choose the right cosmetic procedures. He will then come up with a treatment plan designed to help you achieve your (aesthetic) goals.


Prof. Pirayesh is one of few plastic surgeons who excels both in aesthetic surgery and in non-surgical procedures allowing unsurpassed natural results with the best of both worlds techniques. He is considered an authority teaching  globally on the application of medical lasers, Botox and SAFE fillers often used to enhance the effect of surgery which he combines with state-of-the-art regenerative therapies.


His surgical skills and clinical judgment are valued and thus sought by an expansive international clientele who seek "by Pirayesh" signature treatments including: Sublimeyelidsurgery (woweyes ), APS Deep Plane Facelifting, BrALiftBreastlift and 360LipoTuck.


Professor Pirayesh's exemplary credentials include:

  • President Netherlands Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery NVEPC

  • Scientific Director Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (

  • National Secretary (NL) International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ISAPS 

  • Ambassador TwoFacesFoundation 

In the media

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At Amsterdam Plastic Surgery, our goal is to make you feel happy in your body. We want you to feel comfortable and safe during your treatment. We plan your operation very carefully, and Prof. Pirayesh and his team will answer any questions you may have and eliminate any concerns before and after your procedure. After the operation, we will ensure you get all the support you need for a speedy recovery and a beautiful, natural result.

Woman treated at Amsterdam Plastic Surgery


"I believe that a plastic surgeon earns his reputation not only by the patients on whom he operates but also by the patients he refuses.”

Our clients say

Entree van Amsterdam Plastic Surgery
"The clinic is beautiful clean and inviting. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind they guided me through the procedure and they made sure I was comfortable the treatment wasn’t painful."

Merel Zwart

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